Depression impacts the way we see ourselves, others, and the world. For some, it creates a persistent sad mood that can often make activities that we used to enjoy no longer pleasurable. Other common symptoms are weight loss or weight gain, fatigue or lack of energy, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of excessive guilt, inability to think or concentrate, and suicidal thoughts. 

There are complicated factors that contribute to depression: genetics, chemical imbalances, negative self-talk, grief, loss, hardships, sustained anxiety, etc. 

During treatment, you work with your therapist to figure out the cause of your symptoms and develop the skills needed to help cope with some of these presentations. 


When depressed it may be difficult to motivate yourself to begin therapy. You’re not alone. Our clinicians are here to support you throughout this difficult time. 


Speak to one of our specialists to see if therapy would benefit you and ask us about our free 15-minute consultation – call us at (516) 208-2638.

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